Brute Force Ruby I

Is there a number (k) that multiplied by itself yields a result (t) that contains all the digits 0-9 and nothing else? 

def contains0to9(tarr)
  tarr.index("0") and tarr.index("1") and tarr.index("2") and tarr.index("3") and tarr.index("4") and tarr.index("5") and tarr.index("5") and tarr.index("6") and tarr.index("7") and tarr.index("8") and tarr.index("9")                 

for k in 1...100000
  t = k * k
  tarr = t.to_s.split("")
  if tarr.length == 10 and contains0to9(tarr)
    print k, " * ", k, " = ", tarr, "n"

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