Interviews with Johanna Rothman

It’s been a privilege to spend time with Johanna while doing these interviews. Johanna describes herself as a flaming extravert, and I would like to add to that description that she’s full of humor and wisdom. A great opportunity to meet with Johanna face-to-face, is to attend the PSL Workshop in January next year. There’s still a few seats available. Less than a few actually!

From the PNEHM! interview with Johanna:

“Anyone can achieve this kind of power. Because it comes from within, no one can take it away, except for yourself. And, no one can give it to you, except for yourself.”

From the first part of Johanna’s podcast:

“I took PSL in June of 96, and it was a real turning point for me…”

From the second part of Johanna’s podcast:

“It’s (PSL) really all about: how do you see yourself; how do you understand yourself first; and see what your defaults are; and then how do you make changes–if you choose to make changes.”