Sun, Wind, and Rain

Sun, Wind, and Rain

I lost my mind for a moment and went shopping online: a wind sensor (Oregon Scientific WGR800) , an UV sensor (Oregon Scientific UVN800), and a rain gauge (Oregon Scientific PCR800). The package received was much bigger than expected, especially the wind sensor is quite a sturdy piece. With a little improvisation it all sits on the roof now. At first I got no readings on Telldus Live which made me a bit nervous. It turned out that all it took was to flash the Telldus Net unit with the latest firmware, then the new sensors appeared. Phew. Next worry was if telldus2graphite would manage the new sensors. I had only tested with temperature and humidity sensors before. But it seems to work. Here’s the updated Graphene dashboard:

Screenshot from 2015-03-24 22:48:02